For a long time only intended for the fashion industry, wool plays today an important role in the world of textile fibers with a strong differentiation and product diversification for each market.

Technical know-how and textile tradition come together in MG YARNS Division to create an innovative yarn suitable for various types of applications, from interior decoration and design, to hospitality, carpeting and clothing.

We named it NELSON, a ready-to-stock yarn in pure New Zealand lambswool, superior in quality and high in performance.


Lambswool is a particularly soft fiber obtained from the first shearing of young sheep, which takes place at around six or seven months. Exceptional softness is an indication of high quality in fibers with a very fine diameter (30 microns).

Lambswool stands apart from other types of wool, thanks also to other unique and peculiar properties.

Fibers in lambswool have special curls that create air pockets, thus retaining heat. The strength of this fiber’s outer layer helps in repelling water, while absorbing moisture at the same time.
As a result, fabrics made with NELSON yarn are breathable and thermo-regulating, ideal for creating environments that are cool in summer and warm in winter.


A gift from a distant and uncontaminated land, New Zealand wool develops amongst green meadows and the waves of the Tasman Sea.

In this magnificent setting, sheep graze and roam free, cared for by expert breeders who pass down from generation to generation the noble art of producing this precious fleece, an integral part of New Zealand culture.

The fiber’s beauty and strength stem from the favorable conditions in which animals are kept.

Hot summers and harsh winters give New Zealand wool the exceptional qualities it is known for: high breathability, thermo-regulating properties, it absorbs and desorbs moisture, and it resists mold growth.

Natural, renewable and biodegradable, New Zealand lambswool is naturally excellent.


MG YARNS has always chosen the best wool from New Zealand, with a fiber’s fineness that allows for ever softer and lighter yarns.

An in-house team of highly qualified professionals vets breeding farms to ascertain raw materials quality and flock treatment, and to comply with the Wool Integrity™ Programme, of which MG Yarns is a partner.

Established in 2015, the program monitors wool at every stage of its journey from the farm to the market, and provides full traceability for each batch.

The Wool Integrity NZ™ stamp guarantees that wool processed by MG Yarns is ethically produced in pursuit of authenticity and sustainability with the objective to minimize its environmental impact.
This stamp provides NELSON yarn with an added value of integrity.


Raw materials of exceptional quality, a careful and meticulous selection process and a strong relationship with suppliers make NELSON unique. The average fiber fineness rating (about 30 microns) and processing steps are the foundation for the excellent mechanical performance resulting from using NELSON yarn.

NELSON is a carded yarn, and this spinning technique allows for fabric coverage 30% higher than in other types of yarn, all other things being equal. Thanks to a special treatment, NELSON is also moth- and mite-proof. At its price point, these qualities make NELSON virgin wool yarn the best choice for high-end soft furnishings, upholstered furnishings, rugs, decor accessories, and outerwear.

Special attention was also given to color, to satisfy the needs and trends of different markets. NELSON comes in a wide palette of in-stock colors from classic, neutral mélange hues – elegant beige, browns and grays – all the way to bright, vibrant hues with a modern twist.

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