VIRHOME – Antiviral, antibacterial, eco-friendly textile treatment


Martinelli Ginetto presents VIRHOME, a new treatment developed in partnership with a European leading player in the development of finishing chemicals for home textiles that effectively protects home textiles from viruses and bacteria, it is also environmentally sustainable, safe, and OEKO-TEX®-certified. Thanks to Martinelli Ginetto Group's R&D activities in application technology, VIRHOME makes all furnishing and household textiles safer, without compromising their qualities of comfort, freshness, and pleasantness to the touch. Developed for residential applications, VIRHOME also meets the needs of the hospitality industry (hotels, B&Bs, spas, and restaurants) as well as nursing homes that, with VIRHOME, have an additional asset to fight viruses and bacteria.

Eco-friendly and Beneficial Technology

Unlike other treatments on the market that use products that are difficult to manage in wastewater treatment processes and are environmentally harmful, VIRHOME is made with water-based biocidal products that are easily treated during purification and are highly eco-sustainable.

VIRHOME does not alter a textile's properties

Also, VIRHOME is OEKO-TEX®-certified – a guarantee of human-ecological safety of textile products – and does not cause allergies and skin irritation. VIRHOME does not alter a textile’s physical and mechanical properties, staying comfortable and fresh to the touch.