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THE TEXTILE ACADEMY: an entirely Made-in-Bergamo project


For years MARTINELLI GINETTO Group has been committed to creating a dialog between the textile industry and the academic world. It aided in the development of a Master in Textile Supply Chain Technologies and Processes in collaboration with the University of Bergamo, currently in its 7th year of running.

Recently, the Group participated in the creation of the Textile Academy project, aimed at people already employed in this industry who are looking for ways to integrate their training with a career focused on the supply chain. This initiative started in Confindustria Bergamo in partnership with the University of Bergamo, and has seen the participation of several major players from the local textile industry, such as MARTINELLI GINETTO SpA, Albini Group, Dyeberg, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale, Carvico and many others.

Ilary from MARTINELLI GINETTO's Quality Department completed the training that kept her engaged every Friday from March to June with classes and visits to local textile companies. Ilary is very happy with her experience: “The program was an excellent opportunity that allowed me to investigate technical aspects of the textile industry - such as fiber analysis, ennobling processes, etc. - giving me a solid foundation for improving my daily duties and increasing my product awareness. Despite having worked in MARTINELLI GINETTO for five years as part of the Quality Department, I felt that I lacked theoretical training. The hectic pace of work doesn't always give you time to further your knowledge, but this program helped me hone my skills in a very effective way."

MARTINELLI GINETTO Group actively supports employees interested in further training even when their careers are on solid ground. New insights and the opportunity to learn more can increase an employee's well-being and their sense of belonging in the company. This opportunity is an added benefit to having a team of highly skilled and trained employees, so essential to staying competitive in the market.