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Good intentions are drawn up at the beginning of each year. Here is what we will not consider only 'good intentions' - utopian or almost unachievable - but real objectives to pursue every day with passion and goodwill.

One of these objectives is already a reality: we launched the new I PRONTI 2025 collection at Heimtextil, Frankfurt, an expression of MARTINELLI GINETTO team's technical and stylistic know-how. The new collection allowed us to rethink all the tools our company and our customers use every day, to reshape them with a more 'circular' and environmentally friendly business vision. We have introduced FSC-certified paper to guarantee product made with paper from responsible sources, i.e. recycled and repurposed material.

Next to the use of recycled materials are two significant innovations aimed at reducing plastic and paper consumption within our company. The first is the launch of a new document system that has allowed us to significantly reduce the number of prints. We went from 616,480 printed pages in 2018 to 356,100 in 2019 - an almost 50% decrease! - which translates into 520 reams of paper for a value of € 300 per month, not to mention a good number of trees.

The second initiative is part of a vision that aims to transform MARTINELLI GINETTO into a plastic-free company. The first step is the introduction of (natural and sparkling) water dispensers for all employees to fill their #MGGreen thermal bottle, a gift each of them received at Christmas, personalized with their name. It is estimated that the company used 8,000 disposable plastic bottles every, equivalent to the emission of 250kg of carbon dioxide - or four Milan-Rome roundtrip flights. With the new water dispensers, we are confident that we will be able to cut plastic consumption, reaching zero plastic bottles by the end of 2020.

While aware that the above initiatives are not sufficient to solve the environmental problems we are experiencing, we are convinced that they can bring about change in terms of awareness and personal responsibility. Encouraging good environmental practices every day is a means to raise awareness and shifting fixed mindsets. These could very well be the most powerful engines for sustainable and responsible growth.