The Companies

Martinelli Ginetto SPA

Casnigo (Bergamo), Italy

The parent company, it is in charge of strategic, creative, process management and customer service. It also carries out spinning, warping and weaving operations with greater complexity and added value.

Nord Ciniglia

Casnigo (Bergamo), Italy

As part of the Group, it produces and distributes chenille yarns, designed and tested for use in textiles for home, contract projects, wall covering and outdoor use.


Papa, Hungary
  • DUNITALIA Textilipari Kft produces precious chenille, cotton, and carded and mixed wool yarns, as well as textiles in wide width.
  • Its production and logistics operations are strictly integrated with the parent company;
  • Yarns and fabrics are used worldwide for high-end interior decoration projects, draperies, and the finest home linens.
  • Its three divisions are based in two production plants in Pápa, Hungary, with 240 employees.

Candeggio La Briantea

Arcore, Italy
  • Today one of the most prominent businesses devoted to ennobling wide-width fabrics, it is a leader in the hospitality and contract markets.
  • With an annual output of about 12 million meters – one third of which for in-house use by the parent company – it provides quality, flexibility and service in dyeing and ennobling of orthogonal fabrics in widths from 40 to 360 cm.
  • Operations are ISO 9001:2015 certified.
  • Relying on modern management systems, it has streamlined communication and relations with clients.

Brignoli Italy

Leffe (Bergamo), Italy

Founded in 1939, it is the world’s leading manufacturer of yarn-dyed jacquard fabrics for home linens. Thanks to a collection of quality items with high stylistic content, the company is a leader in Asian and North American markets through a partnership with major local brands.


Casnigo (Bergamo), Italy

This part of the Group is dedicated to the world of interior decoration and is addressed to architects, designers and furniture showrooms. The collection expresses a contemporary classic lifestyle. KOHRO manages high-end and highly complex interior decoration projects internationally.