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More than 2,000 mix-and-match fabrics, always in stock. 5 years minimum in-stock guarantee for each color and reference, to ensure continuous availability to clients. Shipping within 3-5 days from order (25 meters minimum).
Use of fine fibers: the best long-staple Egyptian cottons, exquisite Normandy linen, fine silk from the Far East, shiny lurex, soft modal and fine cashmere.
Create bedding, table, bath collections, as well as home décor accessories. Refined satin and percale, canvas, jacquard, piquet, boutis, honeycomb, terry cloth, quilts and prints are an unparalleled opportunity for converters, interior designers and architects.


Mainly grown in California, SUPIMA cotton is known for its white extra-long staple and contamination free fibers. Twice as strong as other cottons, SUPIMA fibers are extraordinarily resistant to breaking and tearing, resulting in home products that keep their form for a longer-lasting product that resists pilling. Thanks to mechanical harvesting, SUPIMA cotton fibers are contamination free, meaning that they did not come into contact with foreign particles – called pollution – during production. The length of the fiber and the absence of pollutions result in a softer but resistant fabric. SUPIMA’s finer fibers absorb dye with a deep, long-lasting penetration, resulting is a product that retains color better than regular cottons wash after wash.


Egypt has always been the producer of the best cotton in the world, thanks to its particular climate and the fertility of the land near the Nile. These conditions make Egypt the leading historical producer and current world leader in the production of extra long staple cotton. GIZA 87 is one among the best quality of extra long staple Egyptian cotton. Its fibers are extremely long (36 mm) and incredibly fine but resistant. Its degree of brightness equal to 76,6% is the best among this cotton varieties. This kind of yarn is smaller in diameter than yarns made by other cotton varieties. Finer yarn means that the more threads per square can be used to create fabrics exhibiting resistance, softness and a silky appearance.


The new capsule fabrics ORGANICS are manufactured exclusively with 100% organic cotton and flax. 100% organic cotton and flax are grown from non-genetically modified (GMO) seeds, without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides and with a reduced level of water consumption compared to conventional crops.

Organic cotton and flax cultivation process is made possible by the introduction of beneficial insects or trap crops – meaning that special crops are planted along with the main crop to protect it from a specific or several pests by attracting them away from the main crop – in the plantations. Additional techniques typical of organic crop cultivations are  the manual removal of weeds and the use of 100% natural fertilizers which replace chemical insecticides and herbicides. In this way the soil does not suffer any negative impact and the aquifers do not risk being contaminated. The organic cotton and flax farming also minimizes water consumption, thanks to the implementation of a crop rotation technique, which makes the soil more fertile and therefore less in need of water.


MARTINELLI GINETTO team of experts together with the use of state-of-the-art technologies developed the new EASY CARE finishing. EASY CARE significantly increases the fabric’s iron index and reduces the degree of creasability. In addition to the easy maintenance qualities, this finishing is formaldehyde free, meaning that it does not involve any risks to human health.


PREMIUM is synonym to contamination free and accurate quality control. PREMIUM fabrics are manufactured with selected contamination free cotton fibers, meaning that they did not come into contact with other fibers and foreign particles during production. This raw material yields a fabric with a particularly uniform and regular appearance. Besides, PREMIUM fabrics are carefully controlled by expertise craftsmanship. These products undergo an even more detailed quality control than the already high standards normally followed.


The collection of wool fabrics showcases all the know how by MARTINELLI GINETTO. Recyclable, biodegradable and renewable, wool has been used for ages and will be in the future: as a natural insulator at any temperature, it is naturally anti-static and dampens environmental noise, thereby reducing stress.

The DREAMWOOL fabrics are made from the finest combed wool yarns, exhibit high resistance and colorfastness to light and are dry cleanable. Naturally soft and comfortable, they are designed to complement interior furnishings with elegant accessories. The range of mélange colors creates a palette of warm, soft neutral and gray tones, for enveloping and relaxing sophisticated atmospheres. DREAMWOOL means a superior product in terms of quality and reliability, durability and performance. It is the result of creative insights and in-depth technical research.


Recycled polyester is a yarn made out of recycled plastic or old garments and textiles. State-of-the-art technologies allows depolymerization and refining processes that are the keys to produce brand-new polyester material with properties compatible to virgin products. Our suppliers are certified, meaning that they apply strict rules during recycling and every stage of the process is traceable. Recycled polyester is a green and sustainable alternative to other types of fabric.


MARTINELLI GINETTO is a long-standing member of the MASTERS OF LINEN CLUB – the organization that brings together the best European industrial companies involved in transforming flax fiber into high quality and innovative products which are sold all over the world. Martinelli Ginetto only uses 100% European long-bast fiber, selected from the best French and Belgian producers, debaters and combers partners. The use of long-bast fiber results in higher resistance, elasticity and performance of the fabric, giving it great versatility and a comfort that increases over time.

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