In the late nineteenth century the Martinelli family became active in the textile sector in Val Gandino. This valley in the province of Bergamo is famous as one of the most important Italian wool cloths production areas within Northern Europe. Textile production began in 1891, and Luigi Martinelli quickly became one of the best known names in the industry, subsequently receiving a honorific title as recognition for his achievements.


The world wars impeded Cav. Luigi from passing the fruits of his labor on to his grandson Ginetto, who opened his own woolen blanket production line in 1947 in Leffe.


The intelligence, passion and tenacity of the founder Ginetto and his wife Margherita helped the company to grow, and in the 1960s they extended production beyond wool, adding cotton and linen.


In the 1970s, Martinelli Ginetto began producing jacquard fabrics, quickly conquering the world market with their production and distribution of fine jacquard textiles for household linens. Ginetto’s children, Sergio and Luciano, joined the management of the company.


NORD CINIGLIA is founded, the Fancy Yarn Division of MARTINELLI GINETTO Group, specialized in the production and distribution of chenille yarns for textiles intended for furnishings, upholstery and apparel.


DUNITALIA is established in the city of Pápa (Hungary). This production plant is responsible for all spinning (wool and chenille) and weaving.


Alberto Paccanelli joins Sergio and Luciano Martinelli in the corporate and managerial structure of the Group, in charge of strategic and operational management. His arrival marks the strengthening of the managerial structure, and spurs the Group’s dimensional growth.


Founded in 1939 and acquired by MARTINELLI GINETTO in 2008, BRIGNOLI is world-renowned for their creativity and quality of their collections of yarn-dyed jacquard fabrics for household linens.


CANDEGGIO LA BRIANTEA is acquired. Founded in Arcore in 1850, the company focuses on dyeing and ennobling processes of fine textiles.


Supported by a dedicated creative team, KOHRO, the wide-width textile collection for furnishings, is born to address the particular needs of architects and interior designers.


MARTINELLI GINETTO debuts in the digital printing industry by starting a production line that uses an advanced Japanese printing technology on finished fabric, enabling a high production flexibility ideal for designing custom products, even in small batches.


The Group continues to reinforce competitiveness and improvement on product/service offered through textile collections aimed at different market segments: converters and household linen brands, textile editors, and hospitality operators. This diversified offering allows to better meet the needs of clients in various business areas, and consolidates the Group’s international position.