The Group

Values and Mission

The entrepreneurial spirit of the Group relies on technical skills, the adoption of the most advanced textile technologies, and the ability to stimulate professional and creative energies in order to innovate their product at all levels.

The Company Mission is to create precious and original home textiles


Since 1947, the Martinelli family has passionately cultivated the desire for refinement and innovation, by delivering products that are the result of research, expertise and innate elegance.

Creativity and skills come from far away, and are renewed each and every day thanks to new challenges and an expert and motivated team ready to put them to use.


MARTINELLI GINETTO is a Manufacturing Group that today holds a leadership position in various areas of the high-end home textile industry supply chain. Multiple production sites and divisions make up an articulated and highly integrated, reliable business entity.

Foresight and strategic investments are the reasons for MARTINELLI GINETTO’s success, a company constantly growing and expanding with over € 70 million in revenue and 400 employees.

Manufacturing Operations

From selection of raw materials to final ennobling, from stylistic creation to product delivery, the Group’s supply chain is based on strong integration of all the different production steps, on technological innovation and on all levels of quality control for processes and services.