Customized jacquards

New fabrics come to life every six months. This collection focuses on the possibilities of jacquard weaving, and values the company’s skills in developing patterns, weaves, texture color and chain, with various opportunities arising from a number of ennobling processes developed within the Group.
This collection comprised of over 600 items gives the client exclusive rights on the chosen fabric. With help from the product development team and the sampling facilities, this collection can also serve as the launching pad to quickly produce original solutions that bring clients’ concepts to life.

At our company, the client comes in direct contact with the team creating the collection. Working next to designers, clients can explore the creative possibilities stemming from EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS and from our historical archive, subsequently evaluating their CAD/CAM feasibility. Manufacturing issues are discussed with production engineers, and in a matter of hours our dedicated looms produce fabric samples.

To address the most diverse client demands, the EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS collection is constantly undergoing research in style and production capabilities.

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