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Designed for textile editors, DIMORA is a collection of wide-width fabrics for furnishing and decorating, which sums up the Group’s heritage and textile know-how, spinning them with a new sensitivity for home décor. A total look that encompasses curtains, soft furnishings and upholstered furniture, bed and decorative pillows, skillfully expressing a taste in the use of natural and artificial fibers, innovative textile structures, digital printing and unique high-performing finishing techniques.

Every six month, the collection features new ideas and offers ad hoc design services for colors and patterns. Research in style and production is ongoing to enable the widest product customization: yarns, structures, weaves and refined finishings are used in surprising ways to create precious damasks, to reinterpret linen and cotton honeycombs, to create modern metallic reflections, double-face raw and translucent effects, for visual and tactile three-dimensional experience of great charm.

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